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STUDIO TRAVEL S.A.S | Moving Education

STUDIO TRAVEL S.A.S has been established as a education agency in Medellín, Colombia. Our business model is based on delivering PREMIUM service and orientation to Students with a desire to learn or improve the skills of a second language and / or pursue tertiary and higher education studies abroad.

We are interested in promoting the mobility of Colombian students to countries such as: AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, CANADA, USA, FRANCE, THE UNITED KINGDOM, IRELAND, SPAIN, ITALY, GERMANY, MALTA, ARGENTINA and SOUTH AFRICA.

We are a workshop of academic travel ideas, where students, parents and staff create together the “affordable study abroad plan”, in order to reach academic objectives based on a financial budget and a time schedule.

Our logo


Why we use a bicycle? We believe there is no better connection with a dynamic and advanced world than a bicycle, only riding, it can move; is in your hands (and feet) and is the same as traveling and living experiences abroad, must decide and lead yourself and make education is in motion!

All cities with quality of life, respect for its citizens, cleaner environments, more relaxed lives and more futuristic outlook promote and facilitate their inhabitants use bicycles as means of transport: Montreal, Washington, Auckland, Brisbane, Melbourne, Dublin, Vancouver and many others are examples of cities to go and enjoy!



Corporate purpose

To build long term relationships with our students and suppliers providing exceptional customer service by pursuing business through innovation and creativity, building a good reputation in the field of international education and becoming a key player in the industry.


Jorge Hernán Alzate T. –  Founder and Managing Director: Professional in Tourism Business Administration and studies in Project Management, with experience in the travel industry in areas such as Hotels, Airlines, Travel Wholesalers, Retail Travel agencies and Travel Insurance Companies.

Between 2008 and 2012 was responsible for the opening and operation of GO STUDY AUSTRALIA´s  branch in Colombia, an Australian education agency dedicated to the promotion of studies in Australia.

From 2012 and 2014 was co-owner and marketing manager of CONEXION WORLD STUDIES a multi-destination education agency which reached stable numbers during that period of time.

Now in 2015, STUDIO TRAVEL is the new venture with the expectations to set realistic goals after more than 7 years of experience in the International Education Industry.

Jorge Hernán Alzate is a Qualified Education Agent Counsellor – QEAC # E066- and he has participated in important education fairs like ICEF in Sao Paulo, Miami, Bogotá and Montreal and EDUEXPOS by FPP Edumedia in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014 in Colombia.

We have had the chance to spend time in countries like Australia, Canada, USA and UK visiting their most important cities and education providers.

Our services for students: 

  • Counseling to choose a right destination.
  • Counseling to choose a school or institution.
  • Counseling to choose academic programs.
  • Pre-departure seminar.
  • Guidance to maximize the probability to obtain the respective visa.
  • Advice and booking services of Accommodation.
  • Advice and booking services of Airport Transfers.
  • Advice to buy Air Tickets with student / cheap fares and choosing the right route taking in account visa limitations in other countries.
  • Renewal of visas.
  • Help in processing additional documents.
  • Preparing for job search as an international student.
  • Filing of forms for embassies.
  • Advice to obtain international medical insurance.
  • Frequent updating on migration department websites and other official websites.

Our services for education providers: 

  • Promote in an ethic way the services, courses and facilities of education providers
  • Recruit genuine students.
  • Use the website and brochure and other marketing material of education providers to promote it.
  • Apply the current prices and be respectful of the policy of tuition and other provider’s fees.
  • Represent in a professional way the education providers when is necessary in education fairs or info-meeting seminars.
  • Having updated information of education providers.
  • Frequent updating on migration department websites and other official websites.